Why Malta?

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It isn't difficult to see why so many visitors visit Malta's shores each year.
Surrounded by crystal clear seas and a variety of rocky and sandy beaches , Malta is the perfect getaway to sit back, relax and soak up the sun.
Malta's small size means you can pack alot of sight seeing in a short space of time. Known for its very rich history, Malta has an abundance of attractions scattered all over the island which gives you a lot to do and see.
Whatever you choose to do while staying here, Malta really does have something for everyone, wether you want to explore our old cities or acient temples, party hard in our bars, clubs and casinos in St . Julian's, or take it easy with a bit of snorkelling, diving or even a boat trip round the Maltese Islands you will definitely find something for everyone and enjoy your stay in Malta.

Some other useful points about Malta

  • Great weather all year round.
  • Very friendly and hospitable people.
  • Short distances
  • Very easy to get around by public transport.
  • Relatively crime free and very safe.
  • Maltese and English are the official languages and Italian is widely spoken.
  • The oldest known history in the world.